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Fleet Pond can be seen from the Waterloo to Southampton train line. The Pond is next to the station

By road, exit the M3 at junction 4a and follow the signs to Fleet until you see the brown sign 'Fleet Pond'

Google Map Location of Fleet Pond - Get directions, see it in context of Fleet and roads and rail links.

With all the changes going on the old 'interactive' map is now a bit out of date, so we've added the latest map showing the new islands created as part of the Clearwater Campaign.

In time we will update this map with views from various points too, but in the meantime the old interactive map remains to give you an idea of the views around the Pond.

Fleet Pond

View From Northern Reedbed View From Boathouse Corner View From Picnic Area View From Sandy Bay View From Jacob's Wood View From Brookly Bay View Of Kenilworth Wood viewpoint View Of Dry Heath View of Wood Lane Heath View of Gelvert Stream Ford